Chance J. Kallisti (they/them) has co-written eight tabletop game books as a freelance writer, mainly for Vampire: the Masquerade and Mind’s Eye Theatre. (Much of Chance’s writing, prior to 2018, appears under the names “Jason Louis Feldstein” or “Travis-Jason Feldstein”.) Their most recent professional work was a short, controversial section on the djinn for the Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition book Gods & Monsters. Their next tabletop game writing work will be for a horror game unconnected with the World of Darkness; more details here when they are available.

Chance currently studies psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and expects to graduate with a B.S. at the end of 2019. In the future, they plan to pursue a M.A. in drama therapy. Their research centers on the nature and qualities of bleed and immersion, and larpers’ experiences of personal transformation as a result of gameplay. While in school, Chance is working slowly and sporadically on their own games.

Chance’s personal blog is Boundary Crosser.

Their old articles for the now-defunct news / counterculture website Disinfo can be found here.

To reach Chance for questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, requests, or attempts to inspire, conspire or coerce, please send an email.