Chance J. Feldstein (they/them) has co-written eight tabletop game books as a freelance writer, mainly for Vampire: the Masquerade and Mind’s Eye Theatre.  Their most recent professional work was a short, somewhat radical section on the enslavement of the djinn for the Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition book Gods & Monsters. Details on their next tabletop game writing work will be for a horror game unconnected with the World of Darkness; more details here when they are available.

Lately, their focus is more on writing freeform larps and fiction. Their freeform game “Garden of Pathos” received an Honorable Mention in 2019’s Golden Cobra Challenge, and they continue to strive to improve and refine their games. 

(Some of Chance’s previous writing appears under the names “Chance J. Kallisti”, “Jason Louis Feldstein” or “Travis-Jason Feldstein”.)

Chance graduated with a B.S. in psychology, with an emphasis in neurodiversity, from the California Institute of Integral Studies in late 2020. In the future, they plan to pursue a M.A. in drama therapy. Their research centers on the nature and qualities of bleed and immersion, and larpers’ experiences of personal transformation as a result of gameplay. While in school, Chance is working slowly and sporadically on their own games.

Chance’s personal blog is Boundary Crosser. A link to their older Livejournal will be provided (to some people) upon request.

Their old articles for the now-defunct news / counterculture website Disinfo can be found here.

To reach Chance for questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, requests, or attempts to inspire, conspire or coerce, please send an email.