Custom Games, for your home, school, business, or club. Give me a theme, message, or lesson, and I will design a new game around helping your players to explore or learn it, at their own pace. Or I can run an existing game, if your group prefers that. My goal is to ensure that everyone in the group learns something, or transforms some part of themselves. I’ve been co-writing games since 2001, and designing games intended to be transformative since 2015. In 2023, I completed a graduate certificate in Transformative Game Design from Uppsala University.

Storytelling, for children, adults, or a mixed audience. I specialize in improvisational storytelling: I solicit a few suggestions from the audience, and build a story for those people. For children, a responsible adult may suggest a broader theme or lesson for me to embed within the story. Narrative is unique in its ability to teach lessons in a way that they can remain in the unconscious mind, unlearned, until the listener is ready to think about them. Suddenly they will remember the story, as if by magic. Getting to be a part of this process is part of why I love what I do.

Divination with Archetype Cards or the Animal-Wise Tarot. My goal is to help shed some light on where you’re stuck in your life right now, and how you might transform the situation to suit your needs or wants. The archetype cards may reveal what ideas and themes are important in your mind, or they may show how specific other people occur for you, both externally and internally. Tarot is better for detailed questions about current or future events, or analyzing a situation in detail.

Mythic Consulting, the personalized process of discovering the mythic archetypes most important to you, and connecting with them in a fulfilling way. This process varies, depending on the situation and what the client is trying to accomplish. I suggest trying a card reading first, to see if mythic consulting might be right for you. Mythic consulting often dovetails organically with with spiritual companionship or divination, as part of the same session. It also can provide clues about what god(s) or pantheon(s) you might want to consider working with.

Spiritual Companionship. We talk about your beliefs, your ethics, what is sacred for you, and what you want to create in your life. If you’re feeling stuck or blocked, we can explore a new direction or purpose. I can help you figure out a way to honor or request assistance from a specific deity, or I can point you toward the god(s), pantheon(s), or religion(s) that fits you best. Some paths and traditions do require initiations that I am not able to provide, and may have requirements that I don’t know about. In that case, I will help you find an ethical, knowledgeable practitioner who can help you with whatever I cannot. Spiritual companionship sometimes involves peer support, which can include any of the following:

      1. Holding space for you to talk about where you’re blocked in life, or what’s bothering you right now
      2. Providing empathy and compassion when you need them
      3. Asking open-ended questions to reveal hidden motivations, unhelpful narratives, logical mistakes, or other unnoticed patterns
      4. Making you feel safe, seen, and understood
      5. Finding specific information that you need
      6. Brainstorming or strategizing with you about a problem or obstacle
      7. Reminding you feelings are non-rational, so no need to beat yourself up for feeling them, but no need to act on them either
      8. Suggesting a self-care practice, which could include talking with a doctor, therapist, spiritual leader, trusted friend, or family member
  • You may get more out of working with me if you identify as:
      1. Autistic, ADHD, or otherwise neurodivergent
      2. LGBTQ+ people
      3. Jewish (“messianic Jews” / J4J very much encouraged not to contact me, unless they admit they’re Christian first)
      4. Pagans, heathens, polytheists, animists, and witches
      5. Ex-Christians, or Christians who are already deconstructing
      6. Agnostics or atheists who want to break through their own anti-theism, materialism, rationalism, or scientism
      7. Members of any subcultural or countercultural group (e.g. punk, goth, emo, hippie, polyamory, kink, SCA, transhumanist, psychonaut)
      8. And, naturally… gamers!

Energy Work on spaces and people, with a focus on bringing forth what is missing, completing what needs to be whole again, and discarding what no longer serves the client or the space.  I was trained in Usui Reiki Ryoho in 2008, and have practiced other forms of energy work since 1999. Reiki is only available in-person.

Ritual Design for those who need some help creating a ritual for a specific effect, either once or as a daily devotional practice. The end result can be performed on it on your own, or with help from a friend. This is one of my favorite services to provide. If your goals or desired methods are creative, it’s likely I’ll offer you a discount. I hold an ordination from the Universal Life Church, which allows me to perform marriages, handfastings, coming-of-age ceremonies, funerals, etc.

Official Policies & Legalese:

All services except Spiritual Companionship are discounted to $60 per hour, until I have a little more experience providing these services professionally. (Until now, they have only been for family and friends.) Spiritual companionship is barter or pro bono only, depending on your situation. Or you could make a donation to a nonprofit chosen by me, if you prefer that.

Sliding scale is available. Let’s have a conversation about your needs. I don’t believe means-testing is ethical, but knowing a little more about your situation can help with triage if I’m busy.

Half-hour minimum charge for divination and energy work. One-hour minimum for all other services.

Same-day cancellations will be billed for the applicable minimum, except in case of emergencies such as fire, family crisis, serious illness, or earthquake.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo: While I have been strongly influenced by depth psychology (e.g. books and papers by Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich, Sarah Lynne Bowman, Whitney “Strix” Beltran, and Nick Walker), most psychologists and psychiatrists who subscribe to the medical model of mental illness do not consider depth psychology scientific or provable. This does not matter much to me, because it fits with my intuitions about and observations of my own mind. I know of no more comprehensive map or guide to the inner workings of the mind, from a subjective point of view. (Not surprising, since the pioneers in this field used individual case studies and introspection / self-observation as their main methods of inquiry.)

I’m neither a therapist nor a life coach, but am strongly considering a training program in spiritual direction in the future. I care about the mind (reason, emotions, and intuition all included) in the same way Galileo did: as an engine to invent wondrous things, to figure out how the universe works, and to improve our world. Game design, like spiritual direction, is partly about creative problem-solving; hence, the services described above are for self-help or spiritual purposes only. They are not therapy or a replacement for therapy. However, if you have a therapist, I request that you inform them before signing up for mythic consulting or spiritual companionship, which can sometimes be intense. Doing so will protect both of us, so it is not optional.