Spiritual Guidance. We talk about your beliefs, your morals, whatever is sacred for you, and what you want to create in your life. If you are feeling stuck or blocked in your existing practice, I am glad to assist you in finding new enthusiasm or purpose. Or if you’re looking to make a change, I can help you find a new direction. I can help you figure out a way to honor or request help from a specific deity, or I can assist in pointing you toward the god(s), pantheon(s), or religion(s) that fits you best. Some paths and traditions do require initiations that I am not able to provide, and may have requirements that I do not know about. If this occurs, what I can promise is that I will make every effort to help you find an ethical, knowledgeable practitioner who can help you with whatever I cannot. Specialties: Paganism, Judaism, and ex-Christians

Mythic Consulting, the personalized process of discovering and transforming the archetypes present in your life. This process varies, depending on the situation and what the client is trying to accomplish. I suggest trying an archetype card reading first, to see if mythic consulting might be right for you. Mythic consulting can be combined with spiritual guidance, as part of the same session, and sometimes this happens organically.

Divination with Archetype Cards. My goal is to help shed some light on where you are stuck in your life right now, how to overcome some of your weaknesses, and how you might use your strengths more effectively. The archetype cards tend to reveal what ideas and themes are important in your mind, bringing up important questions about how to relate to them in the future.

Energy Work on spaces and people, with a focus on bringing forth what is missing, completing what needs to be whole, and discarding what no longer serves the client or the space.  I was trained in Usui Reiki Ryoho in 2008, and have practiced other forms of energy work since 1999. Reiki is only available in-person.

Ritual Design is recommended for those who need some help creating a ritual for a specific effect, either once or as a daily devotional practice. The end result can be performed on it on your own, or with help from a friend. Here is an example of a progressive feminist  pagan-friendly Jewish holiday ritual I co-wrote for Purim (“Jewish Mardi Gras” or sometimes “Jewish Halloween”) with Sara Mastros.

Storytelling, for children, adults, or a mixed audience. I specialize in improvisational storytelling: I solicit a few suggestions from the audience, and build a story for those people. For children, a responsible adult may suggest a broader theme or lesson for me to embed within the story. Narrative is unique in its ability to teach lessons in a way that they can remain in the unconscious mind, unlearned, until the listener is ready to think about them. Suddenly they will remember the story, as if by magic. Getting to be a part of this process is part of why I love what I do.

Custom Games, for your home, school, business, or club. Give me a theme, message, or lesson, and I will design a new game around helping your players to explore or learn it, at their own pace. Or I can run one of my existing games, or something along the lines of Dungeons & Dragons, if your group prefers that. Either way, my goal is to ensure that everyone in the group learns something new or looks at something old in a new way, as a natural and effortless consequence of gameplay.

Official Policies & Legalese:

Spiritual Guidance and Mythic Consulting are discounted to $50 per hour, until further notice.

Other services are $100 per hour, remotely or in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

Sliding scale is available on a case-by-case basis. Please ask, if you need to. I am here, first and foremost, to help people who need it.

Half-hour minimum for divination and energy work. One-hour minimum for all other services.

Same-day cancellations will be billed for the applicable minimum, except in case of emergencies such as fire, family crisis, serious illness, or earthquake.

Services described above are not therapy or a replacement for therapy, and are for metaphysical and recreational purposes only. In other words, everything I do is Sacred Play. As my friends Sara and Simon like to say,

“We Dance to grow stronger;
We Play to finish the Work.
That Game is all that matters;
disregard if you’re a jerk.”