SuperBetter is a gameful way of living to be stronger for life. Living gamefully means bringing the same psychological strengths you naturally display when you play games – such as optimism, creativity, courage, and determination – to your real life. It means having the courage and openness to try out different strategies to discover what works best. It means collaborating with allies, and building up the resilience to tackle tougher and tougher challenges with greater and greater success. Available for free via website, Android app, and iOS app. Also has a paid version for workplaces here.

Habitica is the most customizable gamified to-do list app currently available. It’s free, features retro 8-bit style graphics for avatars and items, and can be accessed via website, Android app, or iOS app.

EpicWin is a simple, gamified to-do list app currently available for both Android and iOS. It features several character classes (with basic 3D models), and the ability to assign both experience points and categories to your tasks, such as Strength, Intelligence, or Social.

TaskHammer is similar to EpicWin, but is not being developed or updated anymore. If you have an Android phone, you may be able to find a free APK file for it online.

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