Chance Jason Kallisti is a narrative artist, storyteller, game designer, and mytho-alchemist, specializing in interdisciplinary collaboration in general, and transformative games in particular. He’s culturally Jewish, but these days, his primary metaphysical and philosophical paths are eclectic pagan and Discordian. His intuition and energy sense come to him from his mother, while his father taught him how to meditate and how to run a small business. His core values for art and life are described this post on his personal blog. .

All writing on this site, excepting Ericka’s and Leah’s blog posts and direct quotes, is Chance’s personal work. His professional game-writing credits are listed here.



Custom Games, for your home, school, business, or club. I’m always glad to run my own games, or a commercial game such as Dungeons & Dragons. Or give me a theme, message, or lesson, and I will design a new game around helping your players to explore or learn it at their own pace. Either way, my goal is to ensure that everyone in the group learns something new or re-processes something old, as a natural and effortless consequence of gameplay.

Divination with archetype cards, tarot, or runes. Because my goal is to help you get in touch with  deep energies and truths in your life, ones you might not see without an outside pair of eyes, I prefer to look at the present moment. The archetype cards are best for this. However, questions about the future or past are also welcome and encouraged, in which case I will use tarot, runes, or channeling.

Energy Work on spaces and people, with a focus on bringing forth what is missing, completing what needs to be whole, and discarding what no longer serves the client or the space. Energy work usually goes along with divination, and sometimes with designing a personal ritual to renew it daily or weekly. I am trained in Usui Reiki Ryoho, Level 1.

Marriage Ceremonies, written specifically for you, based on your existing beliefs and traditions. In terms of style, my specialties include Abrahamic, Wiccan, Heathen, Roman, Neoplatonist, Discordian, and secular humanist. I’m also an ordained minister, and can perform marriages in Pennsylvania and most other states.

Mythic Consulting, the personalized process of discovering and transforming the archetypes present in your life. This process varies a great deal, depending on the situation and what the client is trying to accomplish. However, you can get a good idea of the way I weave my mythic webs (so to speak) here and here.

Narrative Healing (“Storytelling”), to me, includes writing or telling stories like this one. But it also can include recommending a particular book, movie, or TV show to help you discover a particular truth or explore a theme on your own, with a little direction from me.

Ritual Design is recommended for those who need some help creating a ritual for a specific effect, either once or as a daily devotional practice, and want to perform it on their own or with minimal direction. Here is an example of a progressive, feminist, inclusive, pagan-friendly Jewish holiday ritual I co-wrote for Purim (“Jewish Mardi Gras” or sometimes “Jewish Halloween”) with Sara Mastros.

Spellwork is when I cast the spell for you, rather than teaching you how to do it on your own. Just tell me the goal, and I’ll tell you by when the Work will be done. It helps to know as much about your situation and beliefs as you’re willing to share, for context, and to know what god/desses (if any) I should avoid contacting on your behalf. Please do your best to ensure your request is ethical.

Spiritual Advising, with an emphasis on Abrahamic, Middle Eastern, Norse, Greek, Roman, and Indian deities and spirits. I can help you to contact a specific entity for a message, or I can assist in finding the being or pantheon that fits you best right now. We talk about your beliefs, and about what you want to create in your life. Sometimes I handle this process entirely through intuition, and other times, a spirit or deity may show up and ask me to relay some messages back and forth.

To whatever extent possible in a for-profit business, I operate according to the following philosophies:

Ten Principles of Burning Man

Assertive Bill of Rights

Open-Source Model

SPUSA Platform

The Southern Way / New Italian LARP Manifesto

LARP Counselors: An Additional Safety Net

Official Policies & Legalese:

All services are $100 per hour, remotely or in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

All services are $150 an hour, in San Francisco Bay Area.
Sliding scale may be available on a case-by-case basis. Please ask if you need to. I am here, first and foremost, to help people who need it. Money should not be a barrier to that, as long as the person pays what they can afford. 
Half-hour minimum for remote work; one-hour minimum for house-calls or businesses.
Same-day cancellations will be billed for the applicable minimum, except in case of true emergencies such as fire, family emergency, serious illness, or earthquake.
For those who favor a Pay-What-You-Want model, check out my Patreon. Pro bono work is available on a case-by-case basis.
I am legally obligated to state that these services are not therapy or a replacement for therapy, and that they are for entertainment and informational purposes only. In other words, everything I do is Sacred Play. As my friend Sara likes to say, “We Dance to grow stronger; We Play to finish the Work. The Play is all that matters; disregard if you’re a jerk.”